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September 22, 2005



OK! it's official the 360fashion group will take the lead in the fashion industry sponsored by NOKIA FRANCE with a FASHION & BLOGGING CONFERENCE and EXHIBITION on OCT. 3RD DURING THIS FASHION WEEK! COME AND MEET THE FIRST WAVE OF FASHION LIFEBLOGGERS IN PARIS, FRANCE!


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Cool, and I'll probably have a few days off then...though unlikely that I'm going to PAris :(

...hey, excellent..glad to see this is really going to happen..nice invitation ..congrats to the 360 fashion team!

hi! you can see where it started with "anina past blogging" in the PRESS column on the left.

I just found your blog and wantt to see when it started - your archive in the sidebar goes back to july but ive been backtracking to March. How do i get to the very beginning which as we all know is a very good place to start?

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