erin fetherston prepares her pret-a-porte line
Mobile Search Application for Nokia Phones


here is a great summery of the BLOGHER '05 conference! i am even mentioned (but i dont know what a pitch is...)

PressThink: Notes and Comment on BlogHer '05.

“Hot chicks who code” was a phrase introduced to BlogHer by Anina, “a fashion model based in Paris and known by her first name only…” (according to cell phones etc., which says: “Blog your way to the top - mobile behaviour from a geeky supermodel.”) (A pitch, in other words.) She also said fashion models rarely speak out on anything, which I’m sure is true. “It’s great to be among so many hot chicks who know code,” she told the crowd. Here she is with conference heroine Lisa Stone, photo by JD Lasica.  Anina is on the left.