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flame throwing

flame throwing

flame throwing

flame throwing

Women talking about how to deal with people who comment on your blog in a very derogatory way. Bloggers can write terms of use for readers. Comments can be deleted. There are no tools to protect one against negative comments and filter out certain words or control rate people's comments. It is hard to manage comments when you are getting 500 comments a day. When do you hold back your anger and not respond to evil comments?

advanced tools

advanced tools copyright laws have not caught up with feeds. Be careful how you use information from other people's blogs. Check for licenses and do not assume that everything is free for use on your blog. Atom is an advanced syndication tool. Mena says that it is not just about pulling the content but also pushing it out in a certain format. Feedshake lets you put in the url of certain feeds and then put in a key word and it makes a milk shake feed with all the feeds with search terms you entered. We are talking about creating widgets that people can control from their desktops. Widgets.Yahoo.Com.



are women being excluded from search engines?
Are the technorati top 100 really the best blogs? What are the rules of the game? 1. Women do not network enough. 2. Women do not ask repeatedly for what they need. Do we really need to be validated by technorati? Tenacity is key for contacting press.
We need more networks. Technorati not really working-tags not showing up.
If you dont see it out there start it yourself.


the blogher conference is tomorrow and i have been invited by sixapart to join. i landed today at 5.45 to san jose, california and booked into my hotel intending to go to the blogher pre-dinner. i made the mistake of forgetting that in american everyone eats really early...6pm! by the time i got unpacked, turned on my computer, took a bath it was 8pm (ready to leave right? nooooooooot) and i looked at the email with the address to the bar and realized it started at 6pm. i called the restaurant and asked if the event was still happening and first i was told that it was over (but i could hear an incredible noise of talking in the background) and then i was transferred to someone else who told me that all the food was put away (at 8pm already????) and everyone was leaving. it didnt sound like everyone was leaving, but if they say so then i guess there's no point to go. so here i am in my hotel room bummed that i missed the dinner. sigh. i really love mexican food and the venue looked so awesome! i really really wanted to go. why did i think dinner was at 8pm? i have holes in my head sometime i think.

now i am looking at the schedule for tomorrow to see what rooms i want to attend and i have this really big sinking feeling as i look at all the people coming (they have links on the page) that i will be the youngest person there (why are there not any people my age interested ever in the kind of stuff that i like??? i am always with older people...sigh). i wish so much that diane was there -- i can only imagine that we'd be sitting there laughing our heads off (why are you not there diane!!!). i am starting to feel like, why did i come here...

i am looking at the schedule and i am thinking, from what i can see from the last conferences that i attended, there doesnt seem to be anything new on the's a re-ideration of the same-old same-old...why are we not pioneering here? why are we still having classes about "how to blog" and soforth. there are 14 million in the world and if they are coming to blogher i think they already know how to blog. just my opinion.

on the plane ride over here i found this great magazine called MS. and at the back of the magazine there was a list of women orientated events happening all over the country and i wondered, why is the blogher conference not listed? why didnt anyone contact this magazine and invite them to come so that all these women could get real press? i am sure this magazine would be so happy to run a story on an all women conference. i really dont understand. but then, i am not organizing a whole conference--yet!

i am now doing a lot of research and i found one really cool fashion thing: this woman blogged blogher girls bags...very cool.



i am getting really tired now...doing all the reasearch for tomorrow so i know what's the discussions...

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