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Part in a Movie

My friend who is a produces at a production company called had a long talk about my acting skills. He asked if i could come and play the fiance of the best friend of the lead character in his new movie. No problem. 10:45? Ok. Be there.

It was all improvisation. It was fast, easy, and fun. 13:00 i was out of there. We have the wedding scene to shoot at the end of the week. Cool. My first london movie.

i even wipped out my 6630 nokia phone during the restaurant scene and had the main character take a photo of me! so i hope that makes it into the movie! i had my aninaMINIme theme on it and everything! excellent.

80 Jamacan Bday

I was wanting to get out of the house after staring at the computer screen all day, so i followed my friend to a jamacan birthday of an 80 year old woman. It was a really good party because there were so many generations of women there. Plus there was one girl who had the nokia lipstick phone! I finally got to see it up close and try it. I want one! She says two other girl friends have the same phone. It is so well designed. I love the mirror. And i have a theme for that phone! She said she will download it from my wap site. I was so impressed at how well she knew her phone, where themes were, settings for wap, etc. She is also a super hot girl, even though i got a bad pic of her!

Rococo Chocolates

Two models behind the counter
Two models behind the counter

I had to run to my favorite chocolate shop in the world. It is in 321 kings rd, Chelsea. cant wait to see their website. It's nice to know that there still exist places that sell things only available where you are. It used to be a thrill to come back from a trip and have a plether of goodies from that country. With globalization however, like macdonalds, you can get everything everywhere. Good ONLY if you dont travel. On the tissue paper it says Rococo took it's molds from a chocolate shop in france. "details from a 19th century catalog by Letang Fils, 108 rue ville du temple, paris. I cant wait to see what is at number 108 when i get back to paris. Any one know who Letang Fils were? It sounds chinese, not french!


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i went to help my dear friend lucie, to move from her old flat to her new one. i waited for her in bethnal green park to come pick me up. i found a really huge old tree there with a great heart carved into it. you dont see that anymore these days. the storage unit was wiked. we were all talking about how you should do a shoot there. i thought the phone was really cool looking. only 7 numbers and all in a row--cant beat happy yellow. there was a lot of sousvellance in the storage chambers.

marie jose

marie jose

Angelique westerhof lost her phone and asked me to find marie jose jongerius to give her the new number. Marie jose is one of the contestants in the photo contest. She is from holland and lives in los angeles with her partner steyn because a lot of her work has to do with wide open landscapes. She says that the west of america there is still enough space to build something, and if it is not right then they leave it and go to build further down the road. This is a completely foreign concept for the dutch. They have so little land. Marie jose is so happy to be here in hyeres.
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