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"What I think and say goes out from me, the Universe responds, and it comes back to me."

With Easter around I have really started to get my butt in gear. I have been really working on my metaphysical practice (mind training), reading pramahansa yogananda, and I found some GREAT hacker magazines and even a hacker school here in Paris! Only problem is, it's all in French, but somehow I am very motivated to read that magazine.especially because there is a big article about hacking cell phones. Fascinating reading. Is it legal to have a magazine about hacking?

I finished the artpostume book art project, so I have to deliver that to print, worked all weekend on the promotion list for wombat packs (anyone know anyone who is in press who would want a wombat pack?), and cleaned my room up, got a pile of clothes ready to take to the local shelter and drop off, got my stupid horrible mac ready to go back to the repair shop (biggest waste of money I ever spend.should have bought a pc instead of spending 5000 euro on a mac that doesn't work)-I can kiss it goodbye for two months before they fix it, and now today I have to go to a casting and the prep for my photo shoot tomorrow.they want to put some kind of black hair pieces glued into my hair.I am scared.I am always scared when people start messing with my hair. I hope to have time after to help evelyne with her computer.I am sure I will have! HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERYONE!!!