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today, i ran to my agency today and had a big talk about what's up in the world of fashion, dropped off my voucher, talked about overtime, then ran to galler ie lafayette to meet Diane Pernet to  show her my new tshirt! she then invited me to come with her to some vernissages. one was at LE BON MARCHE and was about furniture's. i saw a really cute TV that i fell in love with! then we went to the second vernissage, a gallerie having a painting exhibition, where i ran into  Julien Peltier and Rolf Scheider from casting company, Villa Vert! i was so happy because Julien had a wiked Motorola phone and i bluetoothed him my slides digital composite! Rolf took a great photo of us together at the exhibition that i wish i could have! after that, we ran off with  Bruno and Nana to see Bruno's new SPREE shop (he has already a great shop on 16, rue la vieuville in the 18th district) he is opening soon in the 6th. it's going to be a great shop. you can read more about him on Diane's blog. this post takes place in reverse order...IE...this is the last shot of the evening...Diane's beloved sparkling Eiffel...


i found a HUGE tin tin watch! (i want a MINIgiant watch toooo!)

julien pelitier and my bluetooth composite and wearing RAMDAM'S coat!




Diane took this photo...she so good at photos!

the vernissage evening started with Diane and i checking out the exhibition at LE BON MARCHE. it was pretty empty when we got there, but by the time we finished and had a glass of apple juice, wicked raw food carrots with avocado dip, and some crackers, it was pumping full of people!
Diane was laughing cuz she said she didn't know anyone (which for her is strange!) but when it filled up more and more people came up to her. she blogged Bruno and Nana right away and then Bruno went to her site with his palm device...but sadly the site is too big to fit on a palm screen.

i have to work on it and make her one that can be seen by such devices. that will be fun. a mini Diane site. idea....check out her version of the events. she gives a lot more details...i learn so much every time i am hanging out with her. she's like a walking encyclopedia of fashion. it's fascinating!


i had my frist job with slides yesterday and it was a great day but a long day filled with great people and beautiful photos.

the art director, william, had created a pictogram to help everybody understand where he wanted to go today.
clement, the makeup artist actually pulled out this tape recorder and started playing cassette tapes in the makeup room! i had to mini me that immidiately!
the photographer, frank joyeux, started setting up the studio for a daylight effect. he brought out big tungsten lights which were soooo bright like the sun.
they had a big meeting so i had to wait a bit while everyone was talking and planning. everyone knows what i did to occupy my freak that i am!
nicolas, the marketing director, was chilling out so i ran up to him and asked him if i could have a pic with him. he liked this one of us the best:
HE definitly looks good!
stephanie, the european marketing director, was super high tech girl and snapped photos with her palm device!
so everyone was loving the polaroids we took. clement was telling frank that he would accent the eye a bit more and then we start the first photo!
william's assistant was totally ready at his evey wish for fixing my hair!
the nicest part of working is working with people who love their job and who are totally professional. i cannot explain the feeling of everyone being really INTO what they are doing. it's very inspiring!

i was mmsing the whole day with my friends--RASMUS is the only one who sent one back!
i want to see pirates of the caribean!
cathreine samuel, the attachee de presse, came by with great news for everyone and i saw she had the new nokia 6822 so i grabbed her phone and started bluetoothing. she has now been minimized!
Image440 Image441 Image437
frank taking photos...william doing last minute touches, frank's assistant shooting the backstage in digital, and the camera of choice is the MIMIA. frank was not shooting digital but dia positive.
frank telling me not to push so much against my arm cuz it makes my arm all squashed. sometimes you have to hold really hard positions in modeling for long time just to cheat a little so that everything looks really nice in the camera.
frank is making me lauuuuuuuuuugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
for the last shot there was big discussion about clement's choice to put on these big lashes. so we shot some with and some without!

by the last shot of the day it was 10pm (we made 5 main shots in the day) and i was getting pretty tired, but the photos kept getting better and better. everyone was so inspired the whole day!
everyone wanted MINIme stickers and frank stuck them on the back of his phone!!!!!!
a nokia 5210--bit beat up but still working!

i ate something after the shoot in the studio cuz i was so hungry! and then off to the tired...i had to lie down in the metro and sleep i was so exhausted.

lying down looking up at the metro cealing.
it took me an hour and half to get home and the walk from LES HALLES to my house seemed endless with my very heavy bag with water bottles in it...even the homeless people in chatlet les halles came up to me and said, "ce fatigue, eh?" i couldnt even answer them...i had lost the ability to do anything except nod my head and keep dragging my feet along the pavement. next time i am going to ask the client for a taxi home. i guess in my excitement i didnt realize how tired i actually was...WHAT A GREAT DAY!



Anina Model technologique ★★★

Fashion & buzz people
mardi 29 mars 2005 par Emmanuel Vivier (Creadrive), Fanny Bouton

Model international, Anina n’en est pas moins accroc aux nouvelles technologies. Jonglant avec les possibilités de la mobilité, éditant son site Internet et son blog elle-même, nous avons interviewé la belle pour en savoir un peu plus sur le buzz dans le monde de la mode...

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"What I think and say goes out from me, the Universe responds, and it comes back to me."

With Easter around I have really started to get my butt in gear. I have been really working on my metaphysical practice (mind training), reading pramahansa yogananda, and I found some GREAT hacker magazines and even a hacker school here in Paris! Only problem is, it's all in French, but somehow I am very motivated to read that magazine.especially because there is a big article about hacking cell phones. Fascinating reading. Is it legal to have a magazine about hacking?

I finished the artpostume book art project, so I have to deliver that to print, worked all weekend on the promotion list for wombat packs (anyone know anyone who is in press who would want a wombat pack?), and cleaned my room up, got a pile of clothes ready to take to the local shelter and drop off, got my stupid horrible mac ready to go back to the repair shop (biggest waste of money I ever spend.should have bought a pc instead of spending 5000 euro on a mac that doesn't work)-I can kiss it goodbye for two months before they fix it, and now today I have to go to a casting and the prep for my photo shoot tomorrow.they want to put some kind of black hair pieces glued into my hair.I am scared.I am always scared when people start messing with my hair. I hope to have time after to help evelyne with her computer.I am sure I will have! HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERYONE!!!


erin and hedi invited me to their easter sunday lunch at their house. it got me into the easter mood, since i had to stay here to finish my artposthume art book pages, and my wombat pack list, and organize my room...the list goes on. my yogi wants to see me before he goes travelling so i will go to amsterdam for a long weekend next weekend. i debated jumping on the train saturday after i finished my book pages, but i would rather spend long time with him than just short moments. chatting online to finland i am told that Mammi is the traditional food eaten in finland...they tell me it tastes terrible. i am sure i will not be eating that at erin's house....



La Fille d'O

The buckets
The buckets

Mini me
More Red head sisters
More Red head sisters

So the show promises to be kicking, cars breaking down, foam from the ceiling, and girls stripping. We are all waiting!


so i made a flash movie covering the event...check out the whole thing here!

sonny's great photos here...have a closer look at the bathing suits!

the girls washing and waxing in FILLE D'O bathing suits!
sunny and the barber!
sponsored by WOLF
the girls came back upstairs from the backstage all wet and freezing but in a fantastic frenzy! they rocked the entire event. GO GIRLS! one of the things that sunny was explaining to me, was how FILLE D'O is revolutionizing sexuality in belgium. that belgium is a very conservative country sexually, and women are normally not feeling very sexy. FILLE D'O is giving workshops and lectures on sexuality, helping women feel sexy in their own bodies, act sexy, and feel good about themselves. it's had such an impact on the country that now the first show on TV, called OPEN & BLOOD, has become hugely popular alone with the FILLE D'O brand. women are beginning to feel posotive about their shape and playing up to their man and having more fun in the bedroom...
AHA! I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE WITH A FUNKY HAIRCUT! the whole crew from diesel belgium was at the show and the head of marketing had the same sort of haircut as me...short in the back and longer in the front. wiked!
playing around with the diesel crew...
the evening ended (or i should say morning started?) with sonny giving us a tour of GHENT, where the show happened. Ghent was one of the most powerful points on the planet a long time ago in the days of...there are TONS of churches everywhere and in the summer there is a 10 day festival that is MAD CRAZY 10 DAYS OF PARTYING, says sonny.
on the drive home the sunrise was amazing, as was the moon on this very special day...
i arrived home at 7am and the only sleep i got was the 3 hours in the car and 2 hours in the am...cuz i had to get up and get to working...looooooooong days...but very satisfying...friends and adventure makes this life all worth it. thank you sunny for this great event!

Belgium Show

The team is from belgium and i can ride with them and we meet on the way?
SMS MESSAGE Fri 25/03/2005 19:56 to Sunny


Fri 25/03/2005 23:42
Fri 25/03/2005 23:42
Fri 25/03/2005 23:45
Fri 25/03/2005 23:45

Fri 25/03/2005 23:46 dutch language
Fri 25/03/2005 23:46 dutch language

Sunny sent me a sms message while i was shooting asking if i wanted to go with him to ghent in belgium to see a show of a designer friend of his who does lingerie, and was launching her swimwear collection! Sounded like total fun and i was up for an adventure, but didnt know what time i would finish, so i sent him a sms when i knew we were done, asking him if i should ride with gina and serkan and we meet somewhere on the way. we had lots of problems with the cellphones both orange and sfr to get reception and connectivity in belgium but we finally gathered at a gass station before turning off to lille exit.

Now i am in belgium to see a show of a belgium designer who is launching her bikini collection. Her name is, muriel, La fille d'O. She got the idea from a movie la l'histoir d'o. Which was a soft s&m french movie.