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Telecharge TARIq VIDEO

video thumbnailTelechargeTARIq VIDEO click to download

It is tariq from the le monde blog that his raised my awareness of some unjustises that are happening to young people who do not have large disposable incomes, who are standing court charges with penalty of imprisonment, for downloading mp3 files on programs such as line wire and kazza-style programs. I made this video to help him raise awareness about this matter. Watch his blog. He is doing a lot to keep our rights free. Tariq blog

Zurban party

It was in the paris aquarium.
It was in the paris aquarium.
You could hear the drums already pumping.
You could hear the drums already pumping.

video thumbnailThe welcome was wonderful.
The most perfect place to speak about my factal art concept.
The most perfect place to speak about my factal art concept.

I went to the zurban party and has now even surpassed claude and evelyne in the best party of the world contest. It was an amazing event and i loved hanging out with the aligators.



today i did a couture show in place vendome for erin fetherston!

i also organized and produced a bluetooth mobile promotion for erin with these gifs (originals are smaller and you can download them to your phone if you like:)

here is the video i made for the phone to show the fabrics and mood of the collection:

erin's clothes are very special, fantasy, but wearable also over jeans. she really worked hard to make the collection sellable, wearable, and versitile. she works with lace and does hand painting on the fabric.

the show was a total success and it was packed inside the show area. they created an enchanted forest for the stage, with full trees and everything. there were 9 girls from metro, elite, women agencies. all blonde or red. very cool. you can watch my point of view from backstage here:


i worked all night practically to get the bluetooth mobile presentation for erin fetherston couture show finished and beamed off to the capital media guys where were coming and i enlisted to help me get the bluetooth party started!


i had a collection of animations, movies, and static graphics, themes, and more to beam into people's phones while they waited to get in. cool no?
except the capital media guys said very few people even KNEW what bluetooth WAS. fashion...they just have no clue what their stylie phones can do! we were able to reach several people, say the capital team. they even stopped one guy when they saw he had a 7610, and told him to turn on his bluetooth (he didnt know what it was).



sometimes i think, it's just me and my crazy hair!

all photos by nghia @ capitale media. you can see the press i got about the show and the photos here:
erin fetherston show

DIANE PERNET came too...check out her blog page on the show!!


"every human is a work of art"


so last night i went to a meeting and then to the blogging and enterprize by sixapart. it was a GREAT event, with so many people from the blogging community there. the pannelists spoke about how blogs are helping them internally and exteranlly find solutions for their companies.

here's the photo album by Thierry Verrecchia...i love this photo he took of me and martin (she's almost got a blog!)

DIANE PERNET -- meeting of the blogs

DIANE PERNET -- meeting of the blogs


I have been really running around from meetings to castings to fitting to photos and the best part was I was very honored to meet up with Diane Pernet, one of the fashion industry's leading icons. Diane designed her own brand in New York for 13 years with a license with Seibu department store in Tokyo for five of those years. For the past 4 years she has been collaborating with Disciplefilms making short video's covering designers, events and the shows. We spoke about fashion and blogging, and I am convinced that her blog is one of the best fashion blogs out there (if not the only real fashion blog out there!). I read it so often because it's an excellent way to know what is going on in the fashion industry, who's who, what's what, and learn about all the newest, latest, events in the fashion industry!


I am really so excited, because she will allow me to make a Diane Pernet theme for the nokia 7610, and all the phone parifanalia that I can create!!!


So check out her blog everyone! She's got the finger on fashion.



so i worked all day sunday to make a song for my yogi yoga mix cd.

here's just the start of it...

here's a ringtone from soma for the new year

he says: "the law of prosperity is going to rain in 2005..." GO SOMA
here's a free mangotheme to download for your series 60 phone!

Dd1here's a free theme of dolphin discs for your series 60 phone! c2005

Fc1here's a free theme from fred casse for your series 60 phone!

Fc22here's a free theme from fred casse for your series 60 phone!

and another...

and another...

and maybe i will save some more for tomorrow for you....

that's about it for today...