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Anina is an international model with a passion for technology who has been awarded by the Chinese Government (CICCC) as China's top foreign model. This is the first time in history that a foreigner has been given an award at the China Fashion Awards Dec 2009. China Daily newspaper has written an article about her titled, "The highs and lows of China's Top Foreign Model" and China Textile Magazine has introduced her to the China Fashion Industry with an article, "Anina in China." Anina is a 3 year Nokia Champion, and the founder of the 360Fashion Network ( Anina wishes to use her image and voice to encourage all women to embrace technology so they will have the possibility to compete in the new digital markets that are emerging globally.

360Fashion is a network of high-level fashion professionals using the latest web 2.0 and mobile technology to market their brands. 360Fashion members include Iris Brosch, Lisa von Weise, Regina Harris, Settimio Benedusi, Toni Thorimbert, China Textile, Sonny Vandevelde, Mark Eley, and many more local and international top talents. 360Fashion members use live blogs, facebook streaming, social contests, and mobile magazine applications to expand their brand reach and connect with new customers. 360Fashion was launched in 2005 pioneering mobile reporting with Nokia Corporation. Some of the most famous bloggers in the world have been trained and setup by Anina such as Diane Pernet (A Shaded View on Fashion), Imran Amed (The Business of Fashion), Mark Eley (EleyKishimoto). 360Fashion continues to forge new market streams for fashion with iPhone, Nokia, and Blackberry mobile application development, mobile fashion game development (, and a host of 360Fashion applications for news and leisure. 360Fashion is expanding it's fashion technology development to Facebook and mobile e-commerce in order to support the long tail of fashion to harness its social network to promote their brand and develop new revenue streams. 360Fashion pushes to the forefront of fashion technology and continues in it's efforts to build a bridge between fashion and technology.

Anina's international modelling career has had her featured in L'OFFICIEL, ELLE, AMICA, MARIE CLAIRE, HARPER'S BAZAR, and worked with world renowned fashion photographers such as Javier Valhonrath, Iris Brosch, Fabrizio Ferri, Toni Meneguzzo, Fung Hai and Walter Chin. She has participated in runway shows in Paris, London, New York, Milan, and China. Salvatore Ferragamo, GFF, DRES VAN NOTEN, SONIA RYKIEL, and JEFFEN have been some of the designers Anina has walked on the catwalk for. Anina has starred in the feature film by Claudio Rocci, Pedra Mendalza a docu-fiction which toured major cities in Italy.

Anina is an excellent public speaker and champion of the Women in Technology movement. She is the first woman ever interviewed by Robert Cringly on NERDTV, and featured in PBS TV documentary "Transformational Age". She has spoken at the most prestigious technology conferences such as 3GSM, LEWEB, LIFT, DLD, and co-hosted the KUNSHAN 3G SUMMIT. She has lectured at the leading universities, HFF UNIVERSITY, NYU and CHINA COMMUNICATIONS UNIVERSITY and will continue to execute her passion for fashion, women, and technology.

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A model with a passion for technology that became an international entrepreneur fusing fashion with technology for the last 10 years.