Photoshop oh photoshop you are my friend

I used to feel that photoshop was not good in photos, but recently I've changed my tune slightly. You see, often these days photographers don't know how to really make light, so photoshop is their lighting tool. Who wants bad light? It would make anyone look ugly. Light is the key in a great photo to evoke emotions and paint the beauty of a person on film (or digital film). Just like Polaroid film or today's Instagram app, it softens the harsh lack of good light meters in mobile camera's. I think in some cases it makes the photo as we see it with our eye. Not in all cases of course, a lot of it is like oil painting to bring out the fantasy. Yet thank gosh for that magic photoshop cream--it certainly makes me feel beautiful and good about myself image....or that fabulous Instagram app.

Photoshop oh photoshop you are my friend

Photoshop oh photoshop you are my friend

Meeting Lisa Haydon and Sonny Caberwel two Indian top models at DLD Conference

The world is getting bigger and more global thanks to Burda Publishing and the stylish DLD Conference. This year they invited two top models from India to speak about the ever changing and emerging fashion market. Sonny has started a purely western India based online ecommerce store for his brand SherSing with massive success as is only possible in countries such as India, China, Russia, and maybe the USA because of the size of the markets populations. Sonny has teamed up with Lisa for the women's line and both are catering to the new Indian international customers. They say they are able to compete on price and quality by harnessing India's manufacturing market plus the insight into their own international experiences. Being an Internet company in an emerging market is not easy as they need triple protection (T1 line, cable, dual up, and 3G) just in case someone plows into one of their connection as they can't afford to wait two weeks for someone to come and fix it. Being in a market such as India requires hands on micromanagement so the two stay rooted in Bombay and Mumbai with only short trips to NYC. They will keep their international style for the brand but always have a twist to on the inside of Indian culture to remind them of their roots as they jet into the global future. Go model power!

Meeting Lisa Haydon and Sonny Caberwel two Indian top models at DLD Conference

Meeting Lisa Haydon and Sonny Caberwel two Indian top models at DLD Conference

Modaface and other makeup iPhone apps

Amsterdam, The netherlands -- I have recently been experimenting and looking into women focused apps of which there are not many. The modaface apps, although the best I have tried for putting on makeup, was difficult to use and after several times trying. I can not say that it is something I would use on a regular basis. However, not because they don't build great apps, as I said, they were the best I tried so far, but because I don't think the augmented reality is yet there from a technical point of view.

For example, the base (foundation) that made my skin look better, was a lighter color than I could ever wear in real life, however from a photoshop perspective it made me look better in the photo. Also, there was no concealer to hit my spots (yes too many dairy products and Beijing pollution). However, in the make up app and the beauty app were nice to use for the eye shadow trials. This was the best feature of the app and the blush. The eyeliner was a disaster and the mascara did not match up very well. I thought the positioning poi's worked best, because with the makeup app by modaface, I had to hold my iPad too close and at a downward angle to have my eyes line up in the eye circles. Also, the most impressionable eye makeup was the darker colors. What made it interesting was to see WHERE to place the makeup colors. This was really the point that gave me value that could teach me how to do it on my own.

The hair trials were a total disaster as you can see because they kept the face shape of the superstar (and I question if they have permission to use those superstar photos) and of course there was no short red hair or long for me!

Overall I think virtual makeup and clothes have a long way to go, but for sure modaface is the best app I've seen so far keep my attention.

Modaface and other makeup iPhone apps

Girls in TechCrunch


Beijing, China - TechCrunch Disrupt Beijing Event - Women in Tech Coverage
I recently had the pleasure of being invited to the TechCrunch Beijing event on October 31-November 1st. It was quite epic as the French decided to participate in their favorite pastime and strike at the airport. I waited a lovely 8 hours until my flight, having woken up at 5am with no alert that there was a strike. I arrived half way through with a big luggage to the event. Trying to hide it behind the reception, I quickly made my way into the hall to listen to the presentations half asleep.

I quickly woke up as I saw a stunningly beautiful woman on the stage interviewing one of the speakers named Sarah Lacy. Confident, savvy, and with a dark red lipstick with long hair, she announced that she had just had a baby and had none the less left her family to attend to the TechCrunch Disrupt event.

During the break, I went to say "Hi" to some of the speakers and as I was over in the press section I started to see other beautiful, savvy, women walking around with clipboards and official TechCrunch badges. I approached one of them only to find she was not at all fierce and intimidating but rather lovely, kind, and helpful. As I thanked her for their invitation, I also mentioned how excited I was to have so many fashion focused topics to write about for 360Fashion Network's tech section. It was a surprize as 360Fashion Network has been so long the lone duck in that sector. She smiled at me and said that I should talk to another beautiful, sexy, woman typing furriously at her laptop who manned the fashion news on TechCrunch.

My head started spinning, asking what was going on here--there seemed to be no men heading up the TechCrunch Beijing event--I was finally surrounded by beautiful, smart, techy women! So hats off to Mr. Arrington, who as baggy-eyed as he is from lack of sleep, bad diet, and surely the attacks he's gotten recently from the industry, for hiring such accomplished, successful, beautiful, smart, women to man up his portal and work within his organization. For this, he's done an great job--I can even find it in my heart to forgive him for calling me a clown on TechCrunch reviewing my Anina Dress Up Game and insulting my CMO for wearing an above the knee skirt (Go Arrington for painting a positive image for women and supporting them in such a crude way--sarcasm). So how does it come that he has had such a change of perspective, a revelation to hire so many wiked girls?

I'm really happy not to be alone and wish those beautiful women to come again soon to Beijing and meet the fantastic techy Chinese CEO's and entrepreneurs over here. I hope they will also be at Le Web this year to meet again. Thank you also for having so much great food for our tech portal with all the fashion focused start-ups! Bravo! Keep going!

Read the reviews of the event here.

Nina Maya AW 2010 Mobile Catalog


Yesterday I had the pleasure to meet up with Nina Maya and we created her AW Collection in as a mobile magazine. It turned out so very well.  I really liked how we created details of the garments, showed the campaign photos, and ended with some backstage. Really like a magazine.


For those of you who have Nokia phones, just point your bar-code reader to this graphic and do a quick and easy download.

Applications for fashion designers to put their catalogs into the mobile are:

Mobile Promotions

Let your current customers take something home with them in their most personal device.

Previews for VIP

Let VIP customers have a preview of what is upcoming in order to get planning their fall season wardrobe.

Easy Buying

Customers can walk into department stores and easily request items thanks to the item numbers listed and the photos.

Personal Communication

Have a personal communication with valued customers, keep them closer to your sales, and your network for those who have chosen to receive mobile communications.

Easy Access

The mobile phone is one of the most personal devices. People are more often to browse content and information while waiting somewhere on the go, than to sit in front of the computer reading emails.

Forward Thinking

Brands who are entering the digital era have more possibilities to reach global customers than ever before. Brands who use applications now, before the space is saturated will become more known easily.

Mobile Monday Beijing

Since I cant blog from my mobile I apologize for the ong time in between blogging- i'm rarely on my computer.

Today I went to Mobile Monday Beijing. You can read my report on my nokia blog. Here are some photos:
Fashionmasters 022

Zhang, Greg Shea Rim, Rodger, Weihan Liu Nokia Ventures.

Fashionmasters 023
Weihan Liu Nokia Ventures

Fashionmasters 024

China Mobile's strategy for the rural areas.

Read the full story on my Nokia Blog.

Anina Launches in Nokia Phones Ovi Store


It is a glorious day today, sun is shining and I'm on the front page of the Nokia Ovi store! Get up and get your phones out and support me with some comments and ranking for my Backstage Fashion Model Application. Download it and follow along with me on my next adventures! I'm off to China for a job on Saturday so stay tuned to your mobiles for some backstage action. No idea what will happen--off the plane and into action! Hopefully there will be wifi along the way in Narita Airport and Detroit (doubtful) but all my roomates and friends are waiting for me on the other end (you should see my luggage coming back from the states with tons of healthfood products to stave off the smog).

Picture 1

Entering an app in the Ovi store is no small feat--I have to say it's the least friendly of the 3 platforms out there. I am very grateful to my friends Robin and Flash at mippin, without whom I would never have gotten approved (so many settings in that store! To be expected since there are so many devices in so many countries). I'm very excited to see what this will do for me in terms of visibility, I"m not sure how many downloads I will get from the guys and I'm not sure how many women there are in Ovi.

Features I really like about the Ovi Store: Website online is excellent, clear and clean. The ability to send sms to your friends to download the application sure beats all the other platforms. The mobile site is also in classic excellence for mobile devices. Very clear, very good search and very easy to navigate to.

When searching for keywords in the Ovi Store for "Fashion" rendered Marie Claire and Shoewawa, "Lifestyle" was nothing, "Style" nothing, "Clothing" nothing, and "Hot" rendered New Magazine and Vringo.

Screenshot0080  Screenshot0086

Screenshot0081  Screenshot0082   Screenshot0085

However, when I return in my phone to the Ovi homepage after downloading my application, I see "SEX" written everywhere which was quite shocking and offensive as a woman:


Although it is on the front page of the mobile site, the sex is not on the website front page. I went back and forth for half an hour after downloading my application, and this was indeed the front page served up to me. I feel like Nokia are thinking I'm a horny guy and if I download the Anina Backstage Fashion application, the server automatically thinks I"m interested in other HOT SEXY SENSUAL items to download into my phone. Why did the system not serve me up some fashion mobile applications? Some female games? Some love? Some dating? Some fashion news?

Screenshot0087 Screenshot0089

Screenshot0090 Screenshot0091

These keywords did not render any results either, yet I know that there are a lot of muslim and christian applications out there for the Koran and Bible. Perhaps should consider putting an application in the Ovi store, as there seems to be (from the front page) a lot of erotic content in the store or some very lonely guys. Funny, I wonder what apple would consider with SEXY SENSUAL wallpapers?


It still seems like there is a lot of content opportunities for "Women" out there in the Nokia Sphere...lets hope that some good girls find my app and enjoy to download it!

Picture 2

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about this! I'm looking forward to hear from you!

Proporal Saves the Day!

I am always on the go. Where ever I am, I am blogging. If it weren't for my proporta battery back, i'd always be out of battery and no one could reach me on my phone. Shooting long videos costs me energy not only in the filming but in my phone. I just plug in the proporta when i have to do long video recording and i still have time to call my friends after the show. Highly recommended for all mo-bloggers!

Google TO DO List

I asked the question to the google ceo of europe if there were any plans to add a TO DO list to the google online portfolio. it seems that there is, however, i map my domain to gmail, and i have often noticed that some features are only for gmail straight accounts. i'm not sure why, but it appears at the bottom of this post in a comment a link to this page:

" Sign in to Task List through Google Accounts.

Warning! You are sharing your email address with Task List.

Task List uses Google Accounts for sign in. Google shares your email address, but not your password or any other information about your Google Account.

Task List may use your email address to personalize your experience on their website. Task List will retain any information you provide or preferences you set while using the website. "

...that there are TO DO lists available but NOT for any mapped domain accounts. But really, its professionals who need this, so i hope they will add it to the mapped accounts functionality. Then again, there seems to be something about a rumor that it's not actually a feature but a blog post mistake by a google employee.

it was just hilarious after i asked the question that everyone started to turn to me and show me the google to do list that was "just launched". funny how no one credited me for the question (thanks techcrunch). i was so excited if they had added TO DO listing to Google so i could keep better track of what i have to do without logging in to another website.