Keypad for the iPhone?


The fake iPhone sold in China is really popular here. It has dual sim cards and a whole bunch of cool accessories that the iPhone doesn't have. With Hermes starting a fully Chinese brand, and Ford selling off their cars to Chinese companies there's a whole lotta switching around going on. Maybe Apple will start to copy the accessories of the fake iPhone. Could be a good business for someone like me who doesn't appreciate touch screen blogging.

MobiAD » BMW: Driving Mobile Innovation  An interview with Marc Mielau  Innovation Manager for Mobile Marketing

A brilliant article not to be missed on how BMW are using mobile to market their automobiles and help customers gain valuable, timesaving information. A definite must read: MobiAD » BMW: Driving Mobile Innovation  An interview with Marc Mielau  Innovation Manager for Mobile Marketing.

BMW is one of the world’s most recognizable brands. As part of their on-going effort to build stronger connections with consumers, BMW has established a Marketing Innovation Department, which, among other things, has responsibility for developing mobile advertising and marketing.

Marc Mielau is the Innovation Manager for Mobile Marketing at BMW. In this two-part interview Marc explains how a major brand like BMW with a large complex organization can effectively address new opportunities such as mobile advertising and marketing, and he shares several of the very interesting campaigns that BMW has run.

zoozoom Heidi Klum Project Runway Online Game

zoozoom Heidi Klum Project Runway Online Game


I was happily clicking away, making good fashion choices when I hit a wall and found a choice I could not make. Both dresses would be fun to wear in the same circumstance! As I was playing the game, I was thinking about all the Data Mining that could be done on people's choices as they play the game. What fortune telling machine could they create using web 2.0 if designers would know how to read the information and predict trends.

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Nokia Christmas showcase in Paris

I'm a phone fiend. One could even say I'm a Nokia fiend (I have at least 3 in my bag right now and have had 10 or so different Nokia over the years).

So of course, last night I jumped at the opportunity to go to the Nokia Christmas showcase afterwork party!


I could tell you about the new N96, or the new E series but what I really want to talk to you about is this:
Eco phones!
The one on the left is going to be part of the upcoming layout and will have an intelligent charger that you can leave plugged in, it will NOT consume any energy. The one on the right is a concept phone: Remade is made entirely of recycled material: Coke cans for metal, tires for the plastic parts, etc.

Also, Nokia is partnering with various companies to offer a we:recycle box where you can drop your old phone, 5€ will go to the WWF of France.

And I was lucky enough to catch Xavier for a presentation of the eco phones!


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