Model Goal: Getting into Photographer's Printed Books (Zack Image)


Photographers need to print books--I dont know why but believe me there's some editor somewhere who has their coffee table book on their coffee table. Some art directors somewhere have a bookshelf full of photographer's "portfolio's in print". I think it is because with a book photographers have the ultimate controll on the color saturations of their photos and can also go down in history and prove their manhood/womanhood or show to the world--I dont know--but they are nice to look at while you are waiting for the castings. For a model, you can believe me, you have just made history if you have the honor of getting your photo selected to be in a top photographer's book. They really only select the best of their best photos, so if it's you, girl you are boomin' and can show it to your children when you have them and say to yourself, "I have arrived to be timeless."


I am really honored to be included in Zack Image's book. He's one of Beijing's top photographers and it's really hard to get to shoot with him as he's really picky. I've only shot with him three times! Why? Because he only likes long hair. I managed in this photo to get away with being shot with my short hair, otherwise he always puts the long hair on me. I love going down in history and he even gave me a copy for my nostagic records.

Model Shoe Check - China Fashion Week ss2011

Models have the best style and in the ancient times of fashion before there was something called a stylist, the model would do all the styling. Maybe that is why beauty in those days had a different esthetic: models had to have the x factor, beauty, style, and brains.

Today, I do a quick shoe check to see what's coming up on the radar for the chinese market. No better place to catch a trend then on a model's dainty toes.


iPAD Set to Revolutionize the Modelling Industry

It's already happening. I heard some whispers about it on one of my latest trips but this is the first time I have actually seen a model without a book-instead, using an ipad!

It makes sense in a world where magazines are closing and opening online. Where catalogs are getting digitized by MobileMAGS ( With the growing attention to eco leading to a forced paper shortage, models of course would be the first trend setters to jump ship from carrying the outdated, heavy, portfolio idea. And here, a Chinese model is in the lead!

At the Jefen casting the first model I've ever seen with an ipad in hand. I think the main reason would be is if you do a lot of runway, your main source of images are on the internet-so why print them out?

This holy grail of paper has to die in the world. And the iPAD is clearly leading the way. You can't do that on a kindle. I'm feeling suddenly very far behind. . .



Y3 casting china fashion week draws over 40 models

This week it has been non stop foreign brands showing in the china fashion week time. Not in the china fashion week official calendar, but during the fashion week they will have lots of private showings. Makes sense since the buyers will be in town, show it around. New foreign brands take advantage too by leveraging the fashion week hype.

But that means increased competition for models, foreign and local. The Y3 casting drew over 50 models to strut their stuff. I wonder if Mr. Yamamoto will be in town himself?


Dalian Fashion Week

The venue for the show was a new exhibition area called Z28 and was completely modern and so new that down in the basement they were still digging and drying it all out. The team working on the production were super professional regardless of the conditions. The upstairs area was shining and new marble with a huge conference room and a long stage. I think this complex will be a very popular venue and grow quickly in fame as an excellent venue to do fashion shows or events in. On the outside of the building they had a screen projecting the fashion shows and also inside. There was a whole complex of stores attached to the building and the street route was a direct main street towards the center of Dalian. Well positioned. Good venue.