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Divine Encounters make the journey brighter

Recently I found the coolest roommate after Franz. Hard to believe it could get better, but it indeed is possible!

I have to register her to my flat with the local police station and after running for 30min to get revved up in the morning I went down to take care of it.

As I stood outside the very closed and suddenly abandoned police station, with no wallet, no long pants, and no idea what to do next, I noticed I was standing next to a man in the same situation on a colorful bike. We contemplated if miraculously that gate would unlock at 10am automatically. It didn't.

Two foreigners, no Chinese, and laws that are strict--well not a good situation. I suggested we ask the building management, which turned out to be useless because the guy spoke a lot in Chinese and neither of us understood what he was saying. Jumping on the phone to my business manager he said I should go to the shuangjing police station.

A city block in Beijing is => two new York city blocks.

I ask the foreign guy with the colorful Amsterdam bike if he would ride me Amsterdam style on the back and although he didn't know what it meant, he agreed. So I showed him what that meant and off we went down the big superhighway streets to the shuangjing police station.

Along the way we swapped Laowai stories in China and I would warn him whenever my legs would get too close to a car.

At the shuangjing police station, we found out we had to go to the Jinsong police station, which was much farther away. Its at this point that I realize thus was not going to be a fast trip and was one of those moments you think I should have brought my wallet!

My new foreign friend offered to ride me to the jinsong station, and without either one of us knowing where it was, and only a small hint from the shuangjing police station people, we're off.

Riding much farther along the road we swap scary police stories in China and sympathise with each other about the trials and tribulations of being a foreigner in China.

Between his Chinese and mine we find the jinsong police station. Its indeed the same faces as the closed station. Registered and out the door again, my legs, lips, and head frozen but grateful for the Amsterdam bike ride. He drops me at the corner station and shoots off to work. We swap wechats and I thank him for peddling him with me.

We both agreed, that the trailing task at hand had been made far more enjoyable...down right adventuresome...if not fantastically fun by peddling together in the big bad city.

Sometimes a common problem can offer the opportunity to accompany each other on the trials of the daily grind. It showed me that the journey can be made enjoyable with a little color on your bike. What would have been a lonely, annoying, frustrating long task, turned out to be a totally enjoyable, humor filled mission on a colorful bike Amsterdam style.

Time spent
Left house: 9:30am
Returned home: 12:00