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When you are on a fitting, it's the final frontiere: if the shoe fits, so to speak, you got the job. If it doesnt fit, you are not invited to the ball, Cinderella, and there are no mice or fairy godmother gonna wave you a pumpkin or dress in this case. So how to conduct yourself?

The fitting is when they are making the lineup and outfit choices, so fit is what is most important. Suck in that gut, tighten those buttocks, make sure you can walk smoothly in those heels because this is the last "casting" before you are confirmed. Make the dress fit. You know you can do it.

If the bust is too big, and the dress if falling off, INHAIL. Try to hold your breath and keep the dress up.First impressions last. If they like it, the dresser will come and make it tigher and pin you up, but make sure when you walk out, it looks like it fits for a few minutes until they decide they like you.

If the skirt is too tight, cross your legs when you stand so that the hip area is smaller and you dont have that vertical wrincle. Tighten your bum as much as you can, as this will lift your butt and make your legs slimmer. Hold in your stomach (if you have one).

When the designer is tugging at you, lift your arms out of the way so that he / she can pin you without problems. If they ask you any questions about the fit, answer them truethfully but size up the situation and feel the vibe of the designer.

A lot of a fitting is also the designer checking out if you match his style and vibe, so pay attention to the personality. If they are quiet, be quiet. If they are chatty, chat and be friendly.

Smile. You cant imagine how far a smile from a model who likes their job can get you. It brightens anyone's day during the fitting. When you are walking, wipe that smile off your face and be graceful.

Its a great relievf when you see them write your name on the posters that the designers put up with the collection order. It generally means you got the job! Even if the model is not yme ou in the photos because it's the fit model, I like to see my name written...anyway...If this girl had red hair she could almost be me! See more photos from the show on my Anina China blog.