body sculpting lingerie
Christian Dior and Chinese Artists

body sculpting lingerie show

It's colorful. It's tight. It's got lace. And it's an older woman's trick to look fit. Let me tell you, it's so tight. The lace helps it look better. Some pieces like Maria was wearing looked really lovely. But i can not help but wonder, what do you do if you want to go home with a man? It would be so hard to get it off!! :-) i mean really hard cuz it's so tight. You have to peel off the pants, unless you are as thin as Maria. Women! Eat right. Exercise. But in case you did not. . . You've got a backup in this body sculpting lingerie. It really works and makes your body in the right shape. But i would not wear this outfit to meet your hot date... In any case, the show was funny to do. Long as usual, but fun. You should have seen the crowds! They were photographing us and going wild screaming at the end of the runway!