Asli Filinta
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Priscilla from Brazil has now left us after finishing her contract. It's one of the harder parts of modeling, when you make close bonds and then your contract finishes. Then you are thrust again into the world of the unknown. Prika is going to the Philippines, along with Tray and some of our other friends. Models, are like migrant birds, they fly around from place to place. We hope we can meet up again--that's why the fashion shows are so see tons of friends all in the same place that you haven't seen in the longest of time. Here in Asia, it's no different I come together, then you separate, hoping to travel on to the next place and meet up again. Otherwise, it's on to new models, new menus, new ambiance with email, msn, and social networks to bind you together over the internet waves.


You meet a few rare girls, girls I call "The New Kind of Supermodels". Girls who really enjoy life and who embrace all the good things, don't have problems with people, and who are really flexible. I think the greatest thing I will take away from Prika, is the thought that she was very flexible. She didn't really care what we did, just that everyone was happy. We talked about it once--I was explaining that I was more of a leader, that I had clear ideas about what I wanted to do and how i wanted to spend my time. She said that sometimes it lead her to not do the things that she wanted, but that mostly it lead her to discover new things. I cant really sum up our conversation. But it's something for me to chew on and think about. In every way, everyone loves Prika, and that's something to really look at and take with you. I hope to meet her again--On the one hand, I can't wait to get our of here, and on the other hand, I like where I am. Do other people have these problems of push -- pull?


She was genteel and pleasant as a little furry rabbit. I am sure she will enjoy a great deal of success in Philippines, she's beautiful inside and out!


This is a shot from one of her jobs...yep, the cast her right.


The thing is that she told me she's just finishing up the summer here in Asia, and then she's going to go back to Brazil and go back to school. She's been a really smart model and saved her money. Now she can start her own business with her sister who is also a model! I think she could go to New York and work even more. Her look could easily fit into the American lifestyle. I wonder if she will miss modeling? For now...she's stocking up on all the fun in Asia that she can. We MISS YOU PRIKA!!!