China Snow, Man

Asli Filinta

HI I just want to preface this blog entry by saying, I just fired off these questions in my mind, really innocently, to confront the western cliché’s that plague me. I have no desire to offend anyone by raising these questions to the light to be purified. I stumbled across Asli's website and thought it was so well done and I enjoyed the photos and music so much, that I wrote him an email. I really liked the photo of the girl with the cell phone. It struck me as very modern mix of cellular technology, culture, and original design.



First of all thank you so much for your attention :)
I am selling these t-shirt in Dernier Cri- very hip boutique in Meat Packing NYC.
I'll try to send you the shot picture of couple of items. Feel free to
write, capture and ask about any item. I would be glad to reply to you
and send pictures :))

About the website, its always different backgrounds, every time you
click. And all random people... and the other answers for your blog

1. Do you think there is place in western society for Turkish-style design? America,with the state of being on red alert for Muslim terrorists, do you
really believe that those western women would like to dress in a Turkish

-Yes I believe there is a place for every-style in all over the world.
Not only Western society. We have a huge history and lots of hidden
beauty in it. We dint call our brand as Turkish style, it is just a
nonconformist line known for designs with inspirations from Istanbul and it bears the oriental look of it.


2. How do you think we can mend the rift between American and Islamic people? How to stop the hate?

-  I don't think that educated people carry that hate in them. They would know enough not to accuse any culture, any religion.

3. Do you believe that fashion can play a role in healing this perception of cultures? How?

- Or maybe cultures will play a role in healing the fashion perception :)

4. The west is liberal and turkey is does your brand bridge the divide?

-They are both liberals and conservatives in Turkey and in the US. You can't tell. My brand name includes the name and selling in the U.S. Well, actually I didn't call it as a bridge maybe another itinerary.

5. Who is your customer? What type of women wear your clothing? In the photos your model covers her hair in a traditional way--is this just fashion or is your woman traditional?

My customer is cosmic and all mixed. Aged around 18 to 35. Do you know that Prada models are covering their hair too? Maybe traditional goes
fashion. Who knows!

6. What do you think the perception of turkey is in the west?

When I talk to people about Turkey, they all get excited and curious. And all I hear from the ones who have been to Istanbul is, what a MAGNIFICENT city it is!

7. Will your brand enter the china market?

-I don't think so...maybe 10 years later :)

8. What made you become a designer?

-making my own t-shirts.

9. Does technology play any role in your design process? If so, what
equipment, process, do you use?

-technology is in our life process, so well YES!

10. What mobile phone do you have? Do you use it for Internet?

- I lost my phone. And I'm planning to buy one that I can go on line.


11. Are you Mac or PC?


12. Where do you want to live next?

-Istanbul, again!

Thanks for your time Anina! And I'm sending you couple of pictures.