This sums it up right?


thanks to loic le meur's blog, i found out about this new movie by al gore. i dont see any potential solution to this problem. when you compare "the devil wears prada" to "the inconvenient truth"...what is there to say? people are not really willing, as president bush has always said, to give up their american standard of living. everyone wants to have the hottest car. everyone wants to have the xxx. america doesnt have trains--europe you really think that america will start building train tracks again? and maybe that's not the the answer greener cars? electric solar powered vehicles? i wish i could at least understand the choices we have, but i commend al gore for making the movie. i hope it goes to every theater because i only know one thing: conciousness is the only thing that will save the planet. when the thought is vivid in every  human's mind, then we will have a solution emerge. until everyone is really concerned about this problem, outraged by it, and willing to sacrifice personally, i dont see anyone moving to change their lives. hey, even i want to have a smart car, a big flat, and the freedom to fly anywhere in the world. my little self interest is no different. i can only choose to spend more money on organic food, recycle, and ride the train, get a bike, but every time i take the plane and eat the plane food, i cringe because i know they are just throwing away every plastic cup. even when i want to keep my cup and pour more juice in it, they take it away from me and give me a  new one. what about greener fashion? it's mind boggling. i wonder what the following generations will think about us. i wonder what they think about the planet they are inheriting now.