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» Anina to stop blogging? from Mitch Denny's Blog
[Read More]

» Employers vs. Employees or Agencies vs. Models from Numenna - Nan Annun
I've waited to write up this entry this morning instead of writing it up last night. Anyhow, I'm at bit angry at what I've read over at Anina's. No, not at her. You just never can't get angry at Anina. But I'm getting a bit pissed off at her agenc... [Read More]

» Anina told to quit from
Now here's some news. Anina was given an ultimatum by her agency: either quit doing the technology stuff, or leave. Just when you were thinking that Anina was about to change the fashion industry, the industry strikes back . "Fashion... [Read More]

» Anina told to stop blogging: can models do more than one thing? from Lunch over IP
Anina, the geek fashion model, has been given an ultimatum by her agency: either she models, they say, or she does the tech/blogging stuff:they said that fashion and technology don't go together.Which is an amazingly backward statement, considering that [Read More]

» vc 2.0 from gapingvoid
Here's the Memeorandum link for the whole "Venture Capital 2.0" thread. All of the people cited there are worth reading. Check it out. So far I'm not seeing any seismic shift in the VC industry. I'm just seeing some intellectual... [Read More]

» Fashion Establishment Threatened By Model Who Builds Her Own Brand from AdPulp
Blogger and podcaster, Anina, who also happens to be a top fashion model based in Paris, has been told by Slides to drop the tech stuff or find another agency. they say that fashion and technology do not go together.... [Read More]

» La decision de Anina from El Blog de Enrique Dans
Anina, ese huracan pelirrojo con sonrisa devoracamaras, que se quedo con las miradas de todos en la conferencia de Les Blogs y que protagonizo esa misma semana de este articulo de Wired, acaba de encontrarse con un desagradable ultimatum de su agenci... [Read More]

» Vad skulle du välja? from
Fotomodellen och bloggentusiasten Anina fick ett nästan gudmundsonskt ultimatum av sin agentur: it's because my agency gave me an ultimatum:... [Read More]

» Shut the slides from summertime
Is the fashion-industry that short-sighted ? Anina, a blog enthusiast and model, has just been set an ultimatum by her agency to either stop doing the technology stuff or give up modelling for her agency. Can you believe this ?! Philosophical di... [Read More]

» Fashion und Technik - wie, das geht nicht? from Label Suite Mode Weblog
Wie sich gerade durchs Internet bloggt, hat das professionelle Model Anina, die schon eine Weile Ihren Fashion Lifeblog betreibt, genau aus diesem Grund ein Problem mit Ihrer Agentur. Diese stellen Anina nun ein Ultimatum: Fashion oder Technik - beides... [Read More]

» To Blog or not to Blog: when your employer decides from BlogHer [beta]
Anina whose star has been rising on the mobile technology conference circuit through 2005 receives an ultimatum from her modeling agency. "Choose modeling or technology, because you can't do both." [Read More]

» O desfilas o escribes en tu blog from Salsa digital
Comentario de Gorki en esta entrada del blog de Enrique Dans refiriéndose al ultimatum que a dado a la modelo y blogger Anina su agencia de modelos: o trabajas de modelo o te dedicas a la tecnologíaHay negocios que siguen esclavizando a personas, aunqu... [Read More]

» Anina, Slides and Technuendo from Marv's Blog
Corporates being assholes again ? I have a habit of occasionally writing about things Im not fully aware of. Such as this one. Heard from Sonia Belles blog that a technologicaly knowledgeable model named Anina has been given an ultimatum:... [Read More]


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