what about blogs and modeling?


my mother agency has stepped into the middle of the picture to mediate between me and slides. it's what a mother agency is for, and thank gosh i have a very powerful one behind me: WOMEN. i am very lucky as they have always been my biggest supporter as i started this image change from classic model to tech model, and they remain by my side. my booker called to talk to the paris agency last week to see what was their side of the story, and today he called to share their story with me.

as a model, when someone mistreats you doesnt pay you or if you need help, the MOTHER AGENCY is always there for you. the mother agency places you in other agencies, they make sure you have money, they pay your debts if you leave one agency, and many more things. some mother agencies are more active, some less, it all depends on what kind of girl you are. i am a pretty independent girl so they tend to step in when i ask them for help.

i would never suggest, with my 360fashion project, or anything that i do, to work without an agency. it's too risky.  you risk not getting paid, being mistreated, lied to, and whole host of things that as a little independent contractor can happen to you. my 360fashion project is not to REPLACE the need for agents, otherwise i wouldnt have ps-models in there. it is only to say that as there is less money happening in the fashion industry, on non-monetary collaborations, the 360fashion system can facilitate the interaction.

i dont see the problem of two people even, agreeing to work together, and then calling their agents to arrange the paperwork (i do think however, then the agent should take less commission). more proactive and independent fashion professionals i think would be happy to work this way, as they could arrange their own projects, work, and such. maybe that is what the industry fears when we speak about new ways to collaborate and communicate. for me, it gives then a doubled effort to get work, i am making my connections on one side and the agency making connections for me on the other side--it's a win win situation if everyone is on the same team. possession is ego.

so my mother agency explained to me from the french agency side, what happened to my couture show booking (that's why this whole situation happened--because i flew back for a job, that i understood to be a job, that was cancelled, and then no one informed me). a lot of press showed up to film me, and when i was not there, they were very pissed off. when the french agency said that i spoke directly to the client (the thing that made them so angry), my mother agency vouched for my professionalism and did not buy their story.

now they will phone to speak with slides about the ultimatum. my mother agency say that there's no way i have to give up the technology, so long as it is not interfering with my modeling jobs (i always make sure it is not). i just have to decide if i still want them to represent me and i need to understand if with the tech stuff they are really behind me and want to represent me. last thing i need is an agency who is not behind me, and the last thing they need is a someone they consider a renegade model. i have so many who are really beind me and what i am doing.

a good news! UNIQUE, my agency in in ZURICH, have organized that a top magazine in switzerland interview me, and i will do a shooting on the 3rd Feb. in the morning!